Caps and Plugs

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What is a Pipe Cap?

Caps and Plugs USA are expert manufacturers of product protection fittings such as pipe caps. Pipe caps are used to protect a variety of threaded tube and pipe ends. These caps are placed over the pipes protecting both the inside and out.

Caps for Plumbing

Tubes and pipes often need caps to protect ends and prevent dirt and other outside materials from entering. Industrial pipes, for example, are subject to dust, debris, and a variety of forms of damage. The purpose of the pipe caps is to protect the ends of a tube while keeping the inside of the tube clean. Pipe caps are important to protect the ends of pipes manufactured with a variety of materials, including steel, copper, plastic, and PVC.

pipe caps

Pipe Caps Made In USA

Caps and Plugs USA  is a cap and plug manufacturer based in the United States that produces pipe caps in hundreds of different shapes and sizes to fit a multitude of pipes, tubes, and other exposed ends. We manufacture these caps in two different materials based on need including traditional polypropylene or a sustainable plant-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) we call BioMax™.

Where to Get Pipe Caps

Caps and Plugs USA produces and ships pipe caps and all our other products in the USA. Our facility is located in Southern California and we provide free shipping to the contiguous US48 and Canada. For reliable and fast shipping on your orders, Caps and Plugs USA is a top choice amongst business owners.