Caps and Plugs

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About us


Caps and Plugs USA is a leader in plastic fittings, pieces, and product protection. A subsidiary of Earthwise Packaging, our engineers have been manufacturing plastic fittings for over 20 years. Caps and Plug's dedication to serving its customers and providing the best quality products at competitive pricing.

About us

BioMax™ is near carbon neutral and serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel plastics.

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What We Do For You

We at Caps and Plugs USA wish to create opportunities for everyone we work with. We believe that goals of environmental sustainability can be achieved by so many more communities and individuals if we can just give these groups the opportunity to do so. Many may not know about the different options one has to achieve goals such as carbon neutrality and sustainability, but we’re sure to make that change right here and now.

Locally Owned and Operated

Caps & Plugs USA is a California based and operated organization and we produce our containers in house. From our CEO to our machine operators, we all share the same space and we’ve created a tight-knit group of individuals.