Caps and Plugs

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Types of Caps and Plugs

Caps and Plugs are used in various industries for similar and different applications. The specific application will determine which type of cap or plug could be used to fit the users' needs best. Caps and plugs have different shapes, sizes, and are made from various materials to fulfill these needs.

Caps and plugs are generally used for protection. This could mean protecting objects from damage, protecting people from the objects, protecting the contents within objects, and so on. Caps and plugs can also be used to mask certain components while working with them.

What a cap or plug is made of can be just as important as the size or shape. The material of the cap often needs to be able to withstand various temperatures, have a certain flexibility, or simply be strong enough to withstand various wear and tear.

Caps and Plugs USA manufactures our fittings in two different materials based on need. These materials include a traditional polypropylene or a sustainable plant-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) we call BioMax™.

Polypropylene is capable of withstanding high temperatures and is inexpensive to produce. BioMax™ HDPE is a denser material and less susceptible to UV degradation than polypropylene. BioMax™ is notably made from a renewable and sustainable resource in sugarcane ethanol. This makes the material more environmentally friendly and reduces overall carbon impact.

Caps and Plugs USA produces and ships pipe caps and all our other products in the USA. Our facility is located in Southern California and we provide free shipping to the contiguous US48 and Canada. For reliable and fast shipping on your orders, Caps and Plugs USA is a top choice amongst business owners.