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How to Choose Plastic End Caps

A firm fit is paramount for end caps to ensure they don’t fall off, exposing your application to damage and ingress. If the height is relevant, you want to measure the inside height of the area of your application that needs capping.

Choosing the correct end cap is essential in its function, but choosing the wrong can leave you with many pointless caps. Luckily, this guide exists for all Caps and Plugs customers so there is no need to fret.

Choosing the Correct Size End Cap

The first and possibly most crucial step in choosing an end cap is the size. An ill-fitting end cap can either fall off or not work at all. To get the right size cap, you want the inner diameter of the cap to be just slightly larger than the outside diameter of the end you wish to cover. This must be very close when it comes to straight caps but tapered caps allow a little wiggle room as long as the widest part of the cap’s inner diameter is higher than that of the end you wish to cover.

Choosing the Right Material for Your End Cap

Caps and Plugs USA manufactures our fittings in two different materials based on need. These materials include a traditional polypropylene or a sustainable plant-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) we call BioMax™.

Polypropylene and Plant-Based HDPE End Caps

Polypropylene is capable of withstanding high temperatures and is inexpensive to produce. BioMax™ HDPE is a denser material and less susceptible to UV degradation than polypropylene. BioMax™ is notably made from a renewable and sustainable resource in sugarcane ethanol. This makes the material more environmentally friendly and reduces overall carbon impact.

Choosing the Color of Your Cap

The color of a cap can be more important than you initially think. Colors can work as signs of what that end is for, the status of that pipe, and more. Colors can signal danger, caution, or safety. Colors create organization where needed and increase the overall visibility of that end cap. 

Where to Get Plastic End Caps

Caps and Plugs USA produces and ships plastic end caps and all other products in the USA. Our facility is located in Southern California and we provide free shipping to the contiguous US48 and Canada. For reliable and fast shipping on your orders, Caps and Plugs USA is a top choice amongst business owners.